What do these things have in common?

Answer: Lester!

Growing up in the region where Elvis Presley was from,

Lester has all the following legacy lifestyle dynamics that include:

a motorcycle trip with his brother Dewayne from California to Mississippi, raising a family of 5 kids in California, the love of fishing, teaching math in different school districts, helping with the family roller skating rinks, preaching in the local church, taking a picture wearing the famous black coat of Johnny Cash with Johnny Cash guitars as seen in picture below, growing vegetable gardens, owning and working on Volkswagons and more ...

Tune in and listen to Lester's

Jokes, Preaching, and Southern Comfort

on his recorded Zoom calls.

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About Lester

Born and raised in Mississippi on a farm, he used to wake up at 4 a.m. every day to milk the cows. High school and college football were a big part of his life and he went to school with Lance Alworth. Church was an integral part of life and he went West to California in his early 20s to plant a church. He married and had 5 children, settling down in Visalia, CA in the San Joaquin Valley.

Years later, now single, he moved back to his stomping grounds and homeland to enjoy being with family and getting married to Elaine. He preaches at the local church, and you will often find him mowing the grass and working in his vegetable garden.

He loves to visit and sit and spell. Tune into his weekly Zoom calls and hear his latest jokes, preaching, and southern comfort. Ya'll come!


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